Graham Brother's Construction, Inc. is the perfect choice for anyone searching for a professional Central Arkansas Home Builders service. Our years of experience help us get the job done right.

Graham Brothers Construction has over 30 years of combined experience in quality residential construction. We specialize in residential and custom home building and remodeling at every price point. We want to be your one stop shop for remodeling or building your home, from financing, to products, to pricing; we want to make it as easy as possible.

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Central Arkansas Home Builders: Which one's Right for You?

You need to start by determining the type of Central Arkansas Home Builders that will be right for the job you have in mind. As with many industries you'll find that most Home Builders specialize within a specific area of the business. A large number of homes are built by production Home Builders using stock design plans. These are the types of homes you'll find being constructed in subdivisions These homes can be customized to some extent by adding available options but they are not considered custom homes.

Custom Home Builders specialize in building one-of-a-kind homes. You'll probably need the services of an architect to help you design and draw up the plans for your new home. A custom build home is one built to your specifications, quite often on land that you have already purchased. Custom Home Builders also offer architectural services and building lots so you can basically find everything in one place.

So how do you decide which type of Central Arkansas Home Builders will best suit your needs? There are a few things to consider. First you need to look at the long term picture. Do you see yourself staying in one location for many years? If not, the time and money for a custom home really doesn't make a lot of sense. Wait until you're sure you want to settle down before you decide to build that custom home.

Do you have special features in mind that you just can't find in a production built home? Making changes in stock plans is not always easy and can be expensive. In the end they may simply look odd when added to an existing design. While production Home Builders can make a variety of modifications to a stock design plan, you'll still be getting a home that is based on the same plan as many other homes.

Where to Start Your Search for Central Arkansas Home Builders

The internet is probably the easiest place to begin your search for reputable Home Builders. Start by typing in Central Arkansas Home Builders. As you find potential companies try typing in their names to see if the search engines come up with any complaints or other problems. If a company's performance is up to standards, it's likely you won't find anything but if there have been problems you can bet that people are talking.

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Your next option would be to talk to people you know and whose opinions you value. Friends, family, co-workers and neighbors can all be a good source of information. While they might not all have first-hand experience with any Central Arkansas Home Builders, it's very likely they know someone that has. Or, drive through some of the subdivisions and strike up a conversation with any homeowners you see doing yard work or walking their dog. Find out if they are pleased with their home and if they like the neighborhood. Find out if they have any complaints.

Once you've compiled a few names of Central Arkansas Home Builders that look promising it's time to make some calls. Basically this is the time you will use to conduct your initial interview with some potential Central Arkansas Home Builders and narrow your list down even further. Ask the home-builder for references and follow through on checking them out. Find out if past clients are also happy homeowners.

Visit a completed home to check out the workmanship of the Central Arkansas Home Builders. You will find that most production Home Builders will have a model home within the subdivision where they are working or have specific "Open House" days were you can take a tour of the available home styles. If you're interested in custom homes, ask to see one that's under construction so you can see the quality first hand.